Regal Plastics specializes in precision CNC machining of a wide array of plastics, including Polypropylene, Nylon, Lexan, ABS, PVC and more. With state-of-the-art equipment, cnc routers for plastic, and an experienced, knowledgeable team of experts, we're well-equipped to deliver the right product at the right price, each and every time.

Each of our four locations (Austin, Houston, Irving & San Antonio) house a precision CNC Router, meaning that all of our locations have the ability to create custom machined plastic.

Custom CNC Machining for Unique Orders

Our vast capabilities allow us to meet virtually any plastic machining and milling requirement, whether you need custom one-off prototypes or high-volume production.

Quality Assurance

At Regal Plastics, we have an unrelenting commitment to quality control that results in the highest-performing products. Every job receives thorough inspection from design to production, ensuring 100 percent customer satisfaction with every single order.

Materials Used:
ABS Lexan Polyethylene
Acrylic Hyzod Polycarbonate
Acetal Nylon PVC
Celanese Celcon M90 Acetal Nylatron Polypropylene
Cast Nylon Phenolic(s) Torlon
Delrin Plexiglas ULTEM

Komo CNC Machining


Above is a sample machined on the Komo CNC Router. A client designed a custom mahogany door with an intricate routed design. Prior to machining expensive exotic wood for the door he asked us to create a prototype of the same thickness as the door from inexpensive plastic.

The prototype, shown at the left, met all the customer's expectations and a mahogany door was machined on the same router to match - totally satisfying the customer's design ideas.

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